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Frequently Asked Questions - Pet Policies

Q: What is the pet policy at Hill Condominiums?
A: Renters may not have any pets. There are NO exceptions. Unit owners may have pets only if the pet is well behaved, does not cause a disturbance, the owner keeps their dog on a leash at all times while on the Association lot, and the owner picks up immediately after the pet.

REMEMBER: Owners will only be permitted to have pets if such pets do not unreasonably disturb or annoy other residents. Owners shall keep pets under direct supervision at all times and shall immediately pick-up and dispose of their pet's droppings.  Dogs are not allowed to urinate on trees, shrubs, flowers, landscaping, patios, or sidewalks.

Q: I am renting my unit to a long term renter, why can't I let the tenant have a dog?
A: The "no pet rule" except for owners who register their dogs with the Association within 30 days. A Copy of the Rules & Regulations are posted on this website for your convenience.

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