Hill Condominiums Home Owners Association in Big Sky, Montana

Frequently Asked Questions - No Smoking

Q: When did the No smoking rule start?  
A: As announced at the annual meeting in September 2014, your board has passed a resolution banning any form of smoking within the boundaries of the Hill Condominiums.  We have received numerous complaints of secondhand smoke entering adjacent units through common ducts, which is both a health hazard and a violation of the rights of nonsmokers to enjoy their property smoke free.  The wood frame construction of our condominiums also concerns many who worry about the fire hazard presented by careless smokers.  Cigarette butts litter not only the parking lot and walkways, but are frequently found on the stairwells.  The board believes it is time we adopted rules that promotes a healthy and safe environment at the Hill and reflects the national trend to limit the negative effects of smoking. 

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