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Frequently Asked Questions - Deck, Stairways and Railings Project - FAQs

Q: I've noticed some issues with the construction.  What is the best way to contact the Association?
A: Your feedback is welcomed, as the Board knows that projects of this magnitude will have its issues.  Please contact board@hillcondominiums.com with any comments.

Q: Which set of condos are getting the stairways done this year (Summer 2014)?
A: Phase II will be comprised of Cortina, Wengen, St. Charistoph, Alpe d' Huez, Obergurgi and Matterhorn.

Q: Does the stairway project include the stairs from the parking lot?
A: Yes and the stairs will be made from metal.

Q:  Has BSOA approved the design?
A: Yes, the Architectural Review Committee of BSOA, the BSAC, approved the design at their April 11, 2013 meeting.  The Architect, two Board members and a representative from Alpine Property Management were present at the meeting.  The amended design was approved by the BSAC in June.  

Q: When will the project begin?
A: Phase I of the project was completed Summer 2013.  Phase II has been under construction throughout Summer 2014. Phase III is slated for Summer 2015.  
Phase I was comprised of Gallo, Lillehammer, Garmish, Gstaad, Innsbruck, Chamonix, and Voss.
Phase II will be comprised of Cortina, Wengen, St. Charistoph, Alpe d' Huez, Obergurgl and Matterhorn.  
Phase III will be comprised of Lech, Grin del Wald, Vazos, Zermatt and St. Moritz.  
Please note that that the contractor selected the order of the phases, and it was not at the discretion of the Board.

Q: How will owners access their condo during construction?
A: During construction, there will be a period of up to three days that units will not be accessible during the hours of 9am to 5pm. After business hours, units normally accessed using the stairwell will have no access at all or there may be access via ladder.

Q: Approximately how long will each stairway be under construction?
A: Twelve days, however this is just an estimate.  Each stairway will be unique, and some may require more or less time than others.

Q:  Will owners be notified when the construction on their stairway will begin and end?
A:  Yes, in conjunction with the contractor, project manager and Association Manager, a timeline will be created and owners will be provided reasonable notice.  

Q: If owners are going to be denied access, will they be notified?  We understand that access may be denied during construction.
A: Yes, you will be notified.

Q: If access is denied, is there a plan for accommodations for the owners?
A: Big Sky Resort will be offering discounted lodging at the Huntley Lodge for displaced residents if needed. Displaced residents are able to obtain a room at the Huntley for a rate of $79 per night, subject to availability. Please call 406.995.5752 to make a reservation. Please mention 'Hill Condos Project' to get the special rate.

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