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Two amendments to the Rules & Regulations were adopted on February 14, 2013.  These amendments are to be used in conjunction with the Rules & Regulations adopted on August 10, 2011.  You may find all of these documents under Owners Documents on this website.  

Q: What is the Association's procedure for complaints?
A: Complaint Procedure:  Minor or safety related complaints may be made verbally by Owners and lease-holding tenants directly to the Manager. Minor complaints include any late night noise, loud and vulgar language, parking in the Fire Lanes, and other complaints requiring immediate attention. All other complaints must be made in writing by the Owner. Tenants and/or rental property management companies must communicate issues directly to the Owner renting the property. Tenants and rental property management companies have contractual tie or obligation between the Association and Tenants and/or rental property management companies. Complaints made to the Manager by anyone except Owners will be dealt with at the discretion of the Manager and the Board.

Q: What is the Association's procedure for complaints?
A: Fines and Penalties Policy: Fines and penalties will be assessed to Owners for violations of HCOA Covenants, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, and other offenses. Owners who rent their units are solely responsible to the Association for any problems caused by their tenants. Fines and penalties are intended to immediately remedy problems and keep offenses reoccurring.

The following Fines and Penalties Policy schedule is a guideline for corrective action and enforcement. This schedule is not intended to be all inclusive. Threatening problems may be dealt with independently as recommended by the Manager of the Board of Directors.
·First offenses will result with a verbal warning and followed with a written warning mailed to the Owner whether the owner or tenant made the offense. Tenants and rental property management may be notified with a copy of the warning, but is the responsibility of the unit Owner to contact and remedy the issue immediately.
·A repeat of the first offense will result with a $100 fine assessed directly to the Owner. This fine may be suspended, at the board's discretion, if the problem is remedied to the Manager's satisfaction within 14 days calendar days or less an assessment notice will be mailed to the owner and the $100 fine must be paid according to the terms in the notice, 30 days from mailing of the notice.
·A $200 fine will be levied if this same offense occurs a third time.
·Additional offenses afterward will result in a more severe action from the Board. Penalties may include eviction of problem or liens on the property.
·Copies of all violations will be provided, as applicable, to the unit owner(s) and will be sent by certified mail to the owner address on record.  Please be sure to update the Association with any address or email changes to ensure you are receiving all communications from the Association.
·Should you ever have any troubles please call the Sheriff, Markus with Alpine Property Management, or the Association's Property Manager. NEVER get into an argument, please just walk away from it. Please always call Alpine Property Management when troubles arise.  Alpine can be reached at (406)995-7211.  Alpine Property Management will come anytime, day or night.

Q: Are fireworks allowed at Hill condos?
A: No fireworks are allowed at anytime--including the Fourth of July.

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